John Lodder: Disruption is our 'New Normal'

In my September column I explain why ‘Disruption’ is the ‘New Normal’ for people and organizations. I give three basic explanations; organizations and management styles are outdated, our brain is not built for disruptions and new generations don’t ac...


John Lodder: Managers need to reinvent themselves to reinvent their Change Management

In my April column I try to solve one of the biggest leadership issues: “dare to say I don’t know.” Why do many companies fail to adapt a ‘Change mindset’ and 7 disciplines for Sustainable Change as an answer. A new poll on company culture might help...


John Lodder: CEE CEOs’ and Global CEOs’ Opinions Compared plus 2 Reinvention Tools

In my March column I provide a summary of the recent 26th Global CEO survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers focused on results of the CEE region and compared with global results. I provide links to the full Global CEO Survey and the CEE CEO survey. The most import...


John Lodder: How Employee engagement grows with Shared Ownership and Authentic Leadership

My February column is a red thread: From recent Gallup research about Employee (dis)engagement and Organization Culture, via ‘Shared Ownership’ to Four Paradigm Shifts leading to Authentic Leadership and ending with Conscious Quitting. I hope it inspires y...


Branko Pavlović: Nema napretka bez primjene inovativnih metoda poslovanja

Etično poslovati i uvažavati svoje djelatnike i kupce stoljetna je nepisana tradicija koje se nastoje držati poduzetnici diljem svijeta, koju su primjenjivali, unatoč brojnim izazovima, tijekom povijesti te prenosili i prenose s koljena na koljeno poduzetn...


John Lodder: Leadership dilemmas, Quite Quitting and a four day workweek

My January column has thoughts about Leadership by Manfred Kets de Vries and some lessons of this month’s ‘World Economic Forum’ in Davos. The ‘five dimensions of effective Leadership for today and tomorrow’ by Klaus Schwab leads me to thoughts about...


John Lodder: Toxic Management Styles Should Become Accountable Leadership

My December column starts, following my heart, about missing wellbeing and peace in a toxic society and in toxic organizations. Politicians created a distance with their citizens; they caused a large loss of motivation and interest, and created fear and unhapp...


John Lodder: A new Paradigm but CEO’s and managers are still struggling with it

The role of CEO’s and managers has fundamentally changed over time, and so has the nature of dilemmas they are facing. In 19th century thinking, a person was seen as either muscle or energy and management decided what their re-active employees should do. ...


John Lodder: Why many organizations don’t understand how to cope with change

We are living in times that the World Economic Forum calls the 4th Industrial Revolution, many authors write about us living in a VUCA world. VUCA is coined by the USA Army some 10 years ago and stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity to d...


John Lodder: Managers need new skills, but many, deep in their hearts, want to go back to the old situation

In my July column, my hundredth for Poslovni savjetnik, I write about my main hobbyhorses that are to me crucial for running a successful organization. After  ‘managers should become leaders’ follows the statement that ‘change is no longer a proj...



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