John Lodder

Rujan 28, 2020 10:55 AM

JOHN LODDER: Covid-19 stays longer, Leaders need to transform their organisation and themselves

Professor Walter Russell Mead was emphasizing the growing need for faster response times and flexibility. (The Wall Street Journal, August 2020) Covid-19 made us aware of the answers: We have to organize our company in a flexible way to be prepared and read...

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Do you work to live? Or Do you live to work? How Leaders could involve their employees

In my September column I dive deeper into results of Gallup's new book: ‘Blind Spot: The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It’ by Jon Clifton and into the Gallup Global Emotions Report 2022 of September 15. The link to the report is: h...


John Lodder: What Effective Leaders Should Not Do

In ‘Leadership First’ I read: ˝It’s quite amazing that people who call themselves “managers” will create an environment of fear to get people to work. All the research in the world has proven that fear based leadership or management does not wo...


John Lodder: Managers need new skills, but many, deep in their hearts, want to go back to the old situation

In my July column, my hundredth for Poslovni savjetnik, I write about my main hobbyhorses that are to me crucial for running a successful organization. After  ‘managers should become leaders’ follows the statement that ‘change is no longer a proj...


John Lodder: How engaged and motivated are your people? How can you improve your workforce?

81,396 hours! That is how much of our life most of us spend working. *) The only thing we spend more time doing is sleeping. If we spend so much of life at work, how is life at work going? According to the world’s workers: not well. Gallup finds that 6...


How to avoid cognitive biases in your Strategic Decision Making

In this column, looking at some global trends, I mention some that will influence every organization sooner or later. From ‘How it was’ to ‘How it will be’, picking up signals of potential change might help your -strategic- decision making. I explain t...


John Lodder: New Organizational Research-Happy People Create a Competitive Advantage

The United Nations ‘International Day of Happiness’ takes place each year on March 20, this year for the 10th time. This day promotes the idea that happiness is a global human right and promotes the importance of happiness to humanity. This year’s them...


John Lodder: In disruptive times the CEO is the catalyst to lead and prepare for the unknown

To thrive in a volatile and unpredictable post pandemic economy, companies need smarter, faster, more agile business operations. That requires big changes, especially involvement, unity and commitment from the very top of the organization. Being a CEO or a ...


John Lodder: How does the Titanic Syndrome affect you and your organization?

For the first time in our lives, all the people in our world experienced a global epidemic and most individuals are still trying and learning to cope with it. That is very difficult for many who experience massive consequences in their personal lives and famil...

Prosinac 23, 2021 12:00 PM

John Lodder: Change is no longer a project

Because it’s Christmas Time I like to share some ‘Food for Thoughts’ for Leaders. During 2 years of the pandemic we saw disruptions in all markets and companies, the changing of ‘Change’ itself, the changing requirements of leadership, the leaving of...

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